I've got mp3s avis pics midis waves games complete guitar stuff including effects and abslatures. how or for what on the planet can you miss that for ?! Check out my midi library ... trust me; you will never see anything like it ! take a peep into my automobile page and check out some of the coolest automobiles on the road. the hacking page only makes this site more unmissable.. if you wanna hack; let me show you how. dont miss my games page; its got all games you will ever see in one life time .. and whats more... they keep adding all the time !

You have the fecility to post a message in my board room. This site has been designed for TCP / IP as well as shell surfers. The all TCP / IP site is under heavy development and construction. For more info on that please e:mail me. If you think of any improvements for my pages or if you want any specific section in my all TCP/ IP site.. simply e:mail me. So i guess either way you have to e:mail me so do it !!

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